How to cut and propagate yucca

2023-01-18 0

The yucca forms long thin shoots with sparse leaf scapes when there is a lack of light. Here is how to cut off your yucca in a simple way, and propagate it at the same […]

money plant

How to propagate a money plant

2023-01-17 0

The money plant, also known as lucky plant, friendship tree or jade plant, is easy to propagate yourself by both shoot and leaf cuttings. Here are the instructions for propagating the friendship tree. The propagation […]

sansevieria, also known as bowstring hemp
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How to propagate sansevieria

2023-01-13 0

Bowstring hemp looks decorative and is very easy to care for. Propagation is also quite easy, whether by leaf cuttings or offshoots. All species and varieties of sansevieria, also known as bowstring hemp, are easy […]

dragon tree

Propagate dragon tree: Here’s how to do it

2022-12-23 0

If you want a new dragon tree, you can easily propagate the low-maintenance houseplant yourself. Here are the best methods for propagation. The propagation of a dragon tree (Dracaena draco) succeeds even beginners without problems. […]

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How to propagate raspberries successfully

2022-10-28 0

If you want to create a new raspberry patch, you can easily propagate the existing plants yourself. Here you will find the different methods of propagation. Raspberries are very vigorous semi-shrubs, and the various varieties […]

phlox with white flowers
Gardening advice & tips

Propagate phlox by division

2022-10-24 0

The best known of all phlox, the garden phlox, can be easily propagated by division with just a few strokes of the spade and kept healthy at the same time. In late autumn, at the […]

a butterfly on a summer lilac
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How to propagate summer lilac

2022-10-13 0

Summer lilac is one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs in the midsummer garden and attracts numerous butterflies with its large flower corollas. Here is how you can successfully propagate it. The summer lilac (Buddleja […]

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Propagate oleander: This is how it is done

2022-08-15 0

Oleander is one of the most popular potted plants. Here is, how you can successfully propagate the evergreen flowering shrub. Amateur gardeners who are willing to experiment and have a little patience, can easily propagate […]

strawberry - propagation by offshoot
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Propagate strawberries: New plants from offshoots

2022-07-04 0

Summertime is strawberry time. And because you often can’t have enough of the sweet little fruits in your garden, it’s worth growing offshoots. Here is how you can easily propagate strawberries yourself. Strawberries can be […]