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Cutting blackberries: This is how to do

2023-01-20 0

If you don’t want a dense tangle of twigs and a meager harvest, sooner rather than later, you need to prune and raise your blackberries properly. With blackberries in the spring cut off all the […]

oleander flowers
Gardening advice & tips

Pruning oleander: How to do it right

2022-12-09 0

Oleanders are beautiful flowering container plants for balconies and terraces, but they also need some care. Find out here how to prune oleander so that it stays beautiful for years to come. Oleander is a […]

pruning apple trees is important
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Tipps for pruning apple trees

2022-12-07 0

Whether a pyramid crown, spindle or columnar tree, here is how and when you need to prune an apple tree to ensure a rich harvest. To keep the apple tree healthy, strong and productive, you […]

rose bush
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Pruning roses in autumn: sensible or not?

2022-11-03 0

Spring pruning, summer pruning, fall pruning: rose fans have plenty of opportunities to reach for the scissors during the season. But is it reasonable? Pruning roses in the fall, in particular, is controversial. Just over […]

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Pruning hibiscus: When is the best time?

2022-10-31 0

Many gardeners like to cut back their garden hibiscus after it blooms in the fall. However, this is not a good idea. Read why here. Hibiscus syriacus, also called shrub althea or garden marshmallow, grows […]

Some bees visit a lavender plant
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Cutting lavender: This is how to do it correctly

2022-10-03 0

If you want lavender to grow compactly and bloom abundantly even after several years, you need to prune it regularly. Here’s how to do it. Lavender originates from the western Mediterranean and is grown agriculturally […]

this strawberry plant is ready to get cut
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Cutting strawberries: Here’s how to do it right

2022-08-01 0

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits. If you want to harvest richly from healthy plants, you should cut the old foliage after the harvest. The taste of home-grown strawberries is simply incomparable. But […]

cherry laurel
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How to cut cherry laurel properly

2022-08-01 0

Cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) is a popular hedge plant because it grows quickly and quickly forms opaque hedges. To keep it in shape, you should cut it back heavily in late winter or early spring. […]

sweet cherry tree
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Pruning a cherry tree: This is how it’s done

2022-07-21 0

Cherry trees are among the most vigorous growing fruit trees in the garden. Therefore, to slow down growth and increase fruitfulness, you should prune your cherry tree at the right time. Cherry trees display vigorous […]