rose bush
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Pruning roses in autumn: sensible or not?

2022-11-03 0

Spring pruning, summer pruning, fall pruning: rose fans have plenty of opportunities to reach for the scissors during the season. But is it reasonable? Pruning roses in the fall, in particular, is controversial. Just over […]

cutting roses with a garden shear
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Should you cut faded roses?

2022-07-11 0

Should you cut faded roses? Basically, the answer is yes, because many varieties bloom several times during the gardening season. However, there are exceptions. Let’s start with a basic and important distinction of roses: there […]

A rose with flowers
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Planting roses: 3 tricks for good growth

2021-06-23 0

Roses are available bare-root in the fall and spring, and can be purchased and planted as container roses throughout the gardening season. Bare-root roses are less expensive, but have a short planting time. The variety […]