This is why the strawberry is a nut

2021-06-30 0

Juicy red, aromatically sweet and full of vitamin C: These are strawberries (Fragaria). Already the ancient Greeks chose them as the “queens of fruits”. What many do not know, however: In reality, the strawberry itself […]

Frozen strawberries
Do it yourself

How to freeze strawberries

2021-06-24 0

Strawberries are popular with adults and children. They are an integral part of the summer kitchen and refine sweet dishes as well as savory. You can use fresh berries in cakes, desserts, juices and sauces, […]

Cherry blossom in April
Gardening advice & tips

Gardening in April – Things to do

2021-03-22 0

Gardeners already have their hands full in April. Because in this month, seeds are diligently sown and planted, laying the foundation for a successful season in the kitchen garden. Here is what needs to be […]