currant with red berries
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Transplant currants: When and how to do it?

2022-11-11 0

Sometimes the place for a currant bush is not ideal, then it needs to change location. Here is what to consider for a successful move. Wrong place? Grown too big? A change of residence? There […]

Gardening advice & tips

How to transplant raspberries?

2022-10-14 0

Raspberry bushes are transplanted in the fall after harvest, while the soil is still warm. When the shoots come to rest, new roots sprout all the more abundantly. The range of varieties of raspberries, which […]

Garden shear on a log
Gardening advice & tips

Gardening in February – Things to do

2021-01-28 0

In February, slowly but surely, the first gardening tasks fall into place. To ensure that the new garden season is a complete success, you should start laying the foundations for it now.. You can already […]