Tea flowers: The new trend from Asia

Tea flowers
Tea flowers

Tea flower – the name now appears in more and more tea stores and online stores. But what is it all about? At first glance, the dried bundles and flower balls from Asia appear rather inconspicuous. It is only when hot water is poured over them that their full splendor is revealed: the small balls slowly open into a flower and exude a delicate aroma, hence the name tea flower or tea rose. Particularly attractive: inside the tea flowers, a real blossom is usually revealed.

It is unclear exactly how long tea roses have existed. What is certain, however, is that tea flowers made from dried tea and flower petals are often given as small gifts on ceremonial occasions in China. Here, too, they are increasingly found in stores. Especially for tea lovers they offer a special pleasure. Tea flowers in a teapot or glass not only look very decorative, but also exude a particularly fine tea aroma. Another nice side effect: watching the spectacle has a meditative and calming effect, because the tea flower takes up to ten minutes to open completely. How the tea flower gradually unfolds is truly fascinating, it’s worth watching.

What are tea flowers?

Classically, tea flowers are carefully handmade into small balls or hearts and fixed with cotton threads. The shape and color of the flowers depend on the type of tea. The young leaf tips of the white, green or black tea serve as petals, depending on the desired taste. In the center of the tea flowers are usually real small flowers, which also exude a delicate aroma. For example, the petals of roses, marigolds, pinks or jasmine are often incorporated. The bundles are dried only after they have been tied together.

Those who prefer tea flowers with mild, white tea often find the variety “Yin Zhen” or “Silver Needle” in the shops. It is named after the silvery, silk-like shimmering hairs on the tea buds. The various blossoms inside the tea flowers not only add color, but can also be used specifically for their healing properties. For example, the marigold flowers have an anti-inflammatory effect, while an infusion of jasmine flowers has a soothing and calming effect.

How to properly prepare tea from tea flowers

The preparation of tea flowers is quite simple: put a tea flower in a glass pot as large as possible and pour a liter of boiling water over it. The best aroma is achieved with soft, filtered water. After about seven to ten minutes, the flower unfolds.

Even though green and white tea is usually brewed at a lower temperature, tea flowers usually require boiling hot water around 95 °C / 203 °F. Instead of a teapot, you can also use a large, transparent tea cup. The important thing is that the vessel allows a view of the decorative flower. The beauty is that tea flowers can usually be infused two or three times before they become bitter. During the second and third infusion, the brewing time is shortened by a few minutes.

After you have drunk the tea, you can also use the eye-catchers from Asia as a decorative object. One option, for example, is to put the flower in a glass vase with cold water. So you can enjoy it even after the tea time.

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