This helps for minor injuries


Ouch! One ran happy with bare feet on the meadow and already the wasp sting sits in the skin or it happens another small mishap. Help for this comes straight from nature.

Onion for insect bite

As an immediate measure, use a halved onion that is rubbed with the cut surface on the stitch after the sting has been removed. The ingredients of the onion decompose the toxins that enter the body with the stitch. Attention: Anyone who reacts with dizziness and vomiting must go to the doctor. This is an allergic shock!

Natural alternative for adhesive bandages and plasters

The inconspicuous yarrow has always been considered a hemostatic agent. Supposedly, the Greek general Achilles had treated wounded soldiers with yarrow and midwives used it at birth. Today, one remembers again the antiseptic effect of this herb. Small cuts, such as shaving, close in no time when treated with a yarrow compress. Add two teaspoons of the dried and crushed herb in 250 ml (1 cup) of boiling water, allow to steep for ten minutes, soak a compress in it and press it onto the wound. In case of heavy bleeding you should get medical treatment!

Remedy to snack on

Cracked corners of the mouth heal badly. But here, too, our grandmothers knew that honey helps accelerate wound healing. Bacteria are rendered harmless by a specific enzyme that honey bees produce. And besides, which medicine tastes as sweet and delicious as the liquid gold?

Butter for swelling

A bump on the head is basically a blood stasis. Since the injured tissue is directly on the skull, the fluid can not spread, such as at the knee or arm. The jammed blood pushes outward, creating a purple shimmering and painful thickening. Relief brings a piece of cold butter, with which one massages the swelling gently. After a short time, the bump has become visibly smaller.

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