Useful gardening gifts for hobby gardeners

An old wooden wheelbarrow makes a garden look nice
An old wooden wheelbarrow makes a garden look nice

What can you give a garden lover? What beautiful gift ideas are there for those who have a garden or a terrace? How can I make a garden lover happy? Here are the most beautiful gifts for garden lovers.

Anyone who owns a garden, whether small or large, knows how much enjoyment its design provides. Of course, a garden usually also means work, but for many it is also part of a relaxation program. Nowhere is it possible to switch off more than gardening, at least most hobby gardeners say, and they are certainly not wrong.

Finding gifts for gardening friends is not that hard. Visit your garden friend, look around in the garden and listen to their telling the story. Between the lines, you will get some valuable hints. What plans does the gardener friend next year? What else is missing? Does she or he need inspiration for the garden, tools or accessories? Or is it necessary to bypass the winter with pictures, books or ingredients for the indoor nursery? A good garden friend, as you are, finds out quickly and gives the right thing.

Nice gift ideas for garden and terrace

Garden tools

Nice and at the same time practical are garden tools. Anyone gardening for a while has a certain assortment of gardening tools. However, these sometimes get lost or wear out over time. And there are really nice, forged tools that make gardening easier and more beautiful, for example:

  • A rose fork, good for aerating the roots but also for removing deep-rooted weeds such as dandelions
  • Root or daisy grubber and in as stable as possible
  • Small hand spade or stainless steel spade
  • Shovel with deep trough to fill pots and buckets with soil, but also handy for fertilizing
  • A handy reaping hook for perennials. With it, the hack of soft perennials or the grazing goes much faster
  • A sturdy long knife which one can loosen or cut fixed roots from the pot when repotting

Containers for weeding

Pretty and practical containers for weeding. It does not always have to be the old bucket. The annoying weeding is perhaps a little bit more beautiful, with a brightly colored handy and also light garden bucket.

Carrying strap

Carrying strap for easier transport of container plants, including voucher for the next clear out or put away of heavy buckets.

Working tub

A working tub, the mobile planting table, ideal for repotting.

Planting table

A planting table. Very practical. The best are plant tables with castors and with a cover plate made of sheet steel with high edges behind and on the sides. Additional space is provided by shelves below and above the worktop. Side hooks are also very useful, for example to hang small tools, hand brushes or other utensils. But before you buy a planting table, be sure to measure the stand space that is available on site.


A trowel for prick out. Ideal for anyone who puts their seeds in bowls or pots. Replaces all the makeshift items such as a spoon handle, an ice cream stick or a pencil.

Wooden tub

A wooden tub or half a wine barrel, not too small. In the spring, water plants will then move into the garden. A small pond rose, daggers and river lily work magic in no time a pretty biotope, where even birds have fun.


But please one that is easy to clean. This is important for the health of the birds. It may look pretty nice anyway. If you do not find anything under the generic term bird bath, just take a look at the flat bucket coasters, shallow bowls or baking pans. Flea markets are often good sources of such useful household goods.

Herb Drying Rack

This is great for every gardener who is also a herb lover and therefore grows and harvest its own herbs. The cut herbs are bundled together with a string and then hang up to the drying rack.

dging knife

Once walked with it along the lawn edges and the grass no longer grows in the beds and also leaves the paved path in peace.

Flexible garden cord

To tie climbing roses, there is almost nothing better than hollow cords made of plastic. They relent when the rose grows and yet withstand a lot out. You can even use them several times, because the knots are easy to solve. Garden cords made of sisal or jute from the practical box have also proven themselves. A hole in the can lid effectively prevents tangling of the cord.

Nest boxes

So that birds feel well in the garden. Pay attention to the inner values such as sheet metal at the exit hole so that magpie, woodpeckers or cats can not catch the young birds so easily. A stable quality, size and a dry and overhanging roof are also important.

Birdseed plus birdseed silo or bird feeder

Gardening fans would do well to bring birds to the garden all year round. This is possible with the year-round feeding and with the planting of bird food plants. However, as gardens here are getting smaller and smaller, one can barely provide enough naturally grown food for birds, nor do small gardens provide sufficient space for mature trees that would be suitable for breeding. Therefore, each feeder for the birds is a contribution to the conservation of the feathered friends.

Literature on bird food

For beginners and inquisitive people there is good literature on bird food.

Bird identification book

When our feathered visitors arrive at the bird feeders, curiosity grows quickly and then a bird identification book is urgently needed.

Pruning shears

A good scissors or pruning shears is unfortunately not to buy for a little money at the discount store. It also does garden shears, but these are not good. But until the stingy hobby gardener gets it, it takes some time. Do him or her the favor and give him or her a really good, high quality rose scissors. It costs about 30 EUR/$ and lasts a lifetime.

Shrub shear

Garden shrub shear or boxwood scissors for the perfect topiary of boxwood and yew tree but also useful to cut back ground cover plants after flowering clean and at a height. With the scissors there are also very expensive and noble models from Japan. If you regularly have a lot to cut, you will be happy.

Rose arch or climbing trellis

Rose obelisk, rose arch or trellis, best forged massively. Price wise, there is surprisingly little difference, especially if you look around at regional art metalwork.

Hose holder

Hose holder, either self-standing or for mounting on the wall. In daily practice hose holders are much more practical than trolleys and a tidy hose in the garden is simply safer for everyone in the garden.

Fire bowl

When the gardening is done, you sit down in a nice spot in your garden or on your terrace. Then a fire is lit and the cozy part of the day can start. If not already available, you can give the garden lover a fire bowl. These are available in very different versions to buy. But pay attention to some features. The frame should be made of iron coated with powder paint. A grillage for cozy BBQ evenings may not be missing. Nor does the spark protection cover. Then you can safely warm your feet by the fire bowl.


Large, shapely and stable planters. Because potted plants alone are often quite expensive, the gardener likes to save some money at this point and quickly buys only a plastic bucket for the lemon tree instead of taking some more money in hand to buy a matching clay pot that perfectly complements the Mediterranean theme. Of course, such a vessel must be absolutely frostproof and best of all come with slide-in clay feet therefore. In winter, the gardener still carries the plant in the plastic bucket into the house (because it’s just lighter) and the heavy clay bucket remains outside and is planted in the early spring just as you like with colorful spring flowers.

Rare pot plants

Especially beautiful or rare potted plants, for more variety on the terrace. Your garden friend already has everything, you think? What. Rarities always inspire. How about a real lemon tree in presentable size? Or with the “Buddha’s hand”, a lemon variety that looks very quaint, just like a hand and should smell wonderful. However, choose a plant that can safely overwintering in the garden, greenhouse or in house.

House tree

It would be good, of course, to know something more about the future location. Ground conditions, sun, location, hardiness zone etc. But some trees grow in principle almost everywhere and even get along with locations in the city. You should not choose a giant of a tree, and not one who quickly goes to unimaginable width and heights. Column trees such as the cherry tree or the penny zebra need only 1.5 meters (5 ft) of space and therefore fit into the small garden. Just as pillared fruit trees. A special feature would be the so-called Judas tree with pretty purple flowers or a ginkgo, a tree with beautiful autumn color, which grows very slowly and some varieties only grow about eight meter (24 feet high) and some varieties are even shrubs. Be advised by a garden center near by and book professional planting service right along with it, if the tree is already head-high.

Gardening books

Gardening books and illustrated books about the gardener’s favorite hobby. Winter can be long, gray and desolate. Therefore, garden books can provide a remedy. The selection is huge and versatile.

Plants poles and bars

Even plant poles and bars and other perennial holders, the gardener has never enough. Useful are dark green or black metal rods in different heights. Stay away from cheap, thin sticks with lots of ornaments. In a real garden lush, beautifully grown and healthy plants are adornment enough.

Gardening gloves

A pair of really good gardening gloves, if you know the size of the gardener. Do not look here for the cheap copies, but for washable, stretchy gardening gloves. Inside, they should definitely be equipped with cotton, the outer shell may be impervious to water but not clunky. Finally, the garden needs a lot of sensitivity.

Floral painting

A flower picture, beautifully framed or on canvas. The motif, however, should match the decorating style and personality of the recipient.

Bench and garden table

A massive bench and garden table for the next tea and cake gossip in the cozy spot in the garden.

Rain gauge

A rain gauge, indispensable in the summer, so that the gardener always knows whether it has rained enough during the week or whether one must be the water dispenser with a garden hose and watering can.

Raised bed

A raised bed, massive and sturdy built and not too small. If the raised bed can turn into a cold frame in spring, so much the better.

Wall calendar

Wall calendar with flower, garden or landscape motifs worth seeing. Especially nice is a calendar with historical flower or rose illustrations or pictures from other gardeners. One can´t have enough ideas for new garden designs.

Voucher for the purchase of new plants

Either from a good perennial nursery or a reputable online trader. New plants are always welcome in a garden.

Plant labels / markers

Stable plant labels or plant markers for self-labeling, preferably made of high quality aluminum and in a pack of hundreds.

Voucher for the help of a landscape gardener

A foundation must be set, a path paved or a terrace deck built. The garden friend does not stand alone. Nice if you can help him. Either way.

Hotbed / Cold frame

A cold frame, stable and roofed with double-skin sheets. So the garden year can start earlier and the dull winter comes to an end sooner. At least for the hobby gardener.


One of the biggest gifts you can give an ambitious garden lover is certainly a greenhouse. Even choosing the right model can be a lot of fun and the required budget should not be too small. But if everything is right, you will make your favorite garden lover happy for many years.

Personal voucher

Time for garden care. A voucher to jump in as a holiday replacement if needed. Nice for gardeners who would like to go on vacation themselves and have not dare so far, because meanwhile nobody cares about the flowers. This gives even you the pleasure of being master or mistress of the foreign refuge, if only for a short time.

Garden kneeler

You work a lot in the garden and need a seat? Then we have a tip for you here: We would like to recommend a kneeler, because it relieves your joints and is soothing. You can always work in the position where it is most comfortable for you, for example kneeling or sitting. The practical thing is that a bag for garden tools is attached to the bench. When you’re done in one place, you can simply fold it up and transport it to your next workstation.

Watering Can

Farming your own little garden is a way of life for many old and young people. No wonder that the gardener accessories have adapted to the design. The right gift idea for hobby gardeners and all those who want to become one is a trendy watering can. Not only because every gardener needs one or even more of those.

Self-Watering Planter

Automatic irrigation systems save time and water. The selection of products ranges from drip irrigation for container plants to the fully automatic Smart Garden. Drip irrigation means that the evaporation losses are low when it comes to water consumption. With underground irrigation, they even go to zero. There are several sophisticated systems in which the dripping amount at the individual irrigation nozzles can be adjusted individually, depending on the needs of the plant.

Gardening Tool Belt

The belt has a click closure and can be quickly and easily adjusted to the correct size and buckle up. It fits great and in the two sliding side pockets is a lot space to store a lot. There are different sized compartments with and without closure. Garden shears, knives, binding wire – everything finds its place.

Rubber Trug

It’s actually a really cool gardening tool that makes life a ton easier. Basically, it’s a big, flexible rubber basket that’s great for pulling.

Garden Hat

Not only gardeners, winegrowers or farmers, who work outdoors most of the time, need a good and practical headgear for their work. Even hobby gardeners – big or small – should think about the right covering of their heads.

Then as now, airy straw hats are worn. These hats are light and airy and ideally protect against the sun, which can burn on your head especially at lunchtime. Today, the straw hat is worn by both men and women. The gardener’s hat, made of straw, also protects the neck and the face from the direct effect of the sun with a corresponding brim. Such an airy summer hat is also useful for the little helpers in the garden, as protection against sunburn and even excessive sweating on the head is also diminished. Gardening is just more fun with a cool head. Moreover, a straw hat can also be used well on a trip to the lake or even in the nearby beer garden.

Rainwater Collection System

A rainwater collection system can be a big water tank in the ground or a more or less lovely rain barrel. Some are just green barrels, others look like a wine barrel or a rock. But what matters is that every gardener needs water for watering the plants.

Flower Pots

A gardener never has enough pots, container or shells. Is it for replanting, for the balcony or for culturing new plants. These come in different sizes, various colors or special forms. Some look like animals, some have faces or painting on it and another is like a pyramid of several pots in one.

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