making own potting compost
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Make your own potting compost: This is how it’s done

2023-01-16 0

Potting compost, also known as seeding compost, provides seeds and cuttings with optimal conditions for germination and growth. Here is how you can easily make the substrate yourself. Many gardeners swear by homemade potting compost. […]

sansevieria, also known as bowstring hemp
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How to propagate sansevieria

2023-01-13 0

Bowstring hemp looks decorative and is very easy to care for. Propagation is also quite easy, whether by leaf cuttings or offshoots. All species and varieties of sansevieria, also known as bowstring hemp, are easy […]

pruning apple trees is important
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Tipps for pruning apple trees

2022-12-07 0

Whether a pyramid crown, spindle or columnar tree, here is how and when you need to prune an apple tree to ensure a rich harvest. To keep the apple tree healthy, strong and productive, you […]

raspberry plant
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How to prune raspberries: An easy tutorial

2022-12-05 0

If you don’t prune raspberries regularly, within a few years you’ll end up with a dense tangle of branches that yields very little. Here are instructions for pruning summer raspberries and autumn raspberries. The difference […]

Do it yourself

Grow your own bonsai: This is how it is done

2022-11-16 0

Bonsai are trees and shrubs that are grown to miniature size by pruning and caring for them in a shallow bowl over many years. The horticultural ambition to make the small trees look natural motivates […]

picket fence around a flower meadow
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Placing picket fence: How to do it

2022-11-04 0

More and more often you can see the simple, but visually very appealing wooden fences in gardens, which often take on their typical gray patina after just one year. Here is how to build such […]