Are elderberries really poisonous?

2022-09-28 0

Time and again, there are warnings about the toxic ingredients in raw elderberries. Here is what you should look out for when preparing and eating them. Are raw elderberries poisonous or edible? The question always […]

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Acorns: edible or poisonous?

2022-09-26 0

Acorns are the subject of a number of culinary mysteries, and many people are not sure whether the nuts are edible or poisonous. Here is what acorns are all about and whether you should enjoy […]

a lush green lawn
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Aerate: How to get oxygen into the lawn

2022-09-21 0

For a lawn to grow nice and thick and be lush green, you have to aerate it occasionally. So-called aerification loosens the soil, more oxygen reaches the roots and the lawn grasses thrive better. Here’s […]

Horse manure is a great fertilizer for the garden
Gardening advice & tips

Horse manure as fertilizer for the garden

2022-09-20 0

Horse manure is considered an excellent fertilizer for roses and fruit trees. However, before using it in the vegetable garden, it must be properly prepared. If you are lucky enough to live near a horse […]

parsely in winter
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Frost-hardy garden herbs for the winter

2022-09-19 0

Whether sage, rosemary or basil: these frost-hardy garden herbs provide aromatic seasoning for the kitchen even in the cold season. Those who rely on frost-hardy garden herbs do not have to do without fresh herbs […]

harvesting apples
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This is how apples are harvested and stored

2022-09-15 0

In autumn, apple trees bear plenty of fruit, but how are apples harvested as undamaged as possible so that they can be stored afterwards? Here are some tips on how to harvest and store apples. […]

A kid playing on an old trunk

Natural pharmacy for children

2022-09-14 0

Autumn is the time of the infections. Children are particularly affected by cold, cough or sore throat, because their defense still gathers strength. These gentle remedies help. The last persistent cough has just resolvednase and […]